UNILAG Reiterates Commitment to Community Impact as Faculty of Education 2023/2024 Teaching Practice Begins

The Faculty of Education, University of Lagos, on Monday, August 28, 2023, held its Teaching Practice (TP) Orientation Programme for students of the faculty.

The exercise which was held at the Faculty of Education Multipurpose Hall, witnessed a large turnout of students. It was also an avenue for the Faculty members led by the Dean, Professor Bayo Oladipo to prepare the minds of the students on the expectations, prospective challenges and navigation tips as they hit Junior and Senior Secondary Schools across Lagos state for the 3-month mandatory exercise.

Prof. Oladipo, in his remarks, described the 3-month Teaching Practice (TP) as part of Community Impact (CI) efforts which is also one of the core mandates of the university (i.e. Teaching, Research and Community Impact).

He charged the students across all departments within the faculty to be good ambassadors of the University of Lagos by being on their best behaviors at their duty posts.

Other speakers at the event included Heads of Departments (HoDs), Programme Coordinators and other faculty members. They spoke on the importance of diligence, decency, moderation, research and proper preparation of lesson notes for the subjects they would be required to teach at their duty posts.

The Teaching Practice Exercise is expected to commence formally on Tuesday, September 5, 2023.

Below is a pictorial highlight of the 2023/2024 Teaching Practice (TP) Orientation Exercise;

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