UNILAG Scholar Secures International Joint Research Grant

Dr. Andrew Akala, an Associate Professor in the Department of Physics, has secured the International Joint Research Grant of the Institute for Space-Earth Environmental (ISEE), Nagoya University, Japan.

The grant is for a project titled, “Investigation of the Responses of Global Equatorial/Low-Latitude Ionosphere to CIR-Driven and CME-Driven Intense Geomagnetic Storms During Solar Cycle 24.”

Dr Akala is a Co-Investigator on the project, which is sponsored to the tune of thousands of Japanese Yen, and will run for one year, April 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022.  His Co-Investigator is Dr Yuichi Otsuka of the ISEE, Nagoya University, Japan.

Dr Andrew Akala is a 2019 Winner of the Africa Award for Research Excellence in Space Science. He is a passionate promoter of Space Science on the continent with his numerous outreach programmes. He is renowned for initiating the proposal for Nigeria to serve as the host for the 2019 meeting of the International Symposium on Equatorial Aeronomy (ISEA), on the basis that the event will serve as a platform to intimate young Africa scholars on current global research efforts in the field of Space Science.

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