UNILAG Neurophysiotherapist Gains Admission into First WSO Future Leaders Programme

Dr Caleb Ademola Omuwa Gbiri, a Neurophysiotherapist and Senior Lecturer in the Department of  Physiotherapy, College of Medicine, has been admitted into the first-ever World Stroke Organisation Future Leaders Programme.

One of the only two Nigerians to be admitted into the programme,out of the 32 accepted globally, Dr Gbiri’s extraordinary academic, early professional and potential to become a global leader in stroke prevention and care were considerations made by the Selection Committee in the choice of his candidacy.

The two-year programme is designed to train world leaders in Stroke clinical research and practice. It is a highly competitive professional development programme applied for by many professionals all over the world.  Graduates of the programme are groomed to provide global leadership in Stroke Prevention, Care, Management and Rehabilitation.

As another confirmation of his scholarly contribution to global scientific solutions, Dr Gbiri has also been invited as a Lead Author (LA) for “COVID-19, Cities, and Climate Change Element” in the Third Assessment Report on Climate Change and Cities (ARC3.3) published by the Urban Climate Change Research Network, Earth Institute, Columbia University. The Report will be the first-ever global, interdisciplinary, cross-regional, science-based assessment to address and benchmark climate risks, adaptation, mitigation and policy mechanisms relevant to cities.

Dr Caleb Ademola Omuwa Gbiri is the Team Lead of the Stroke and Nervous System Disorders Research Group at the Department of Physiotherapy, University of Lagos. His research interests are neurological disorders, especially stroke and neurodevelopmental conditions, mental health, quality of life, functional performance, wellness and preventive health among others.

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