I write to inform you that the Election of Deans and Sub-Deans in the Faculties and School of Postgraduate Studies earlier scheduled to commence on Monday, January 4, 2021 has been rescheduled to commence on Tuesday, January 5, 2021.

Consequently, the updated Election Time-Table for respective Faculties is attached accordingly. Furthermore, you are also to note as follows:  

Faculty Officers are requested to facilitate forwarding of the Comprehensive List (enblock) of all Academic staff/Assembly of Teachers (sorted by Departments) that are eligible to vote during the forthcoming elections.

The comprehensive list  which shallbe insoft copies (Excel Format only) should contain the following:

  • Staff Number
  • UNILAG e-mail address
  • Full Name (Surname, First Name and Middle Name)
  • Department
  • Designation
  • Status i.e. Adjunct, Associate, on Sabbatical Leave, Study Leave, Leave of Absence, Contract or Visiting.

The comprehensive list should be mailed to: unfailingly by 4 p.m, Wednesday, December 30, 2020.

Human Resources Management Department (HRMD) shall validate the comprehensive list of Academic Staff/Assembly of Teachers on Thursday, December 31, 2020.

Voters are to confirm their eligibility for the elections on the University website from Saturday, January 2, 2021 to Sunday, January 3, 2021.

Those eligible to vote include all Academic staff that are:

  • Assistant lecturers and above,
  • Visiting lecturers/Professors
  • On Annual leave, maternity leave and Research Leave

Those not eligible to vote include all Academic staff on:

  • Sabbatical
  • Contract
  • Training leave
  • Leave of absence
  • Study leave
  • Adjunct

The Dean and Sub-Dean must emerge from different departments.

e-voting shall commence at the time scheduled for each Faculty.

Hard copy of the Proposal Form (nomination) must be lodged at the Senate and Ceremonies Unit not later than twenty-four (24) hours to the election date (i.e. by 10 a.m. of the day before the conduct of the election).

Photograph of the proposed candidate should be glued or celotaped ( not stapled with pin) on the Proposal Form

Eligible voters that have UNILAG e-mail access complaints/issues should report through: not later than 24 hours to the commencement of the voting exercise.

Academic staff/Assembly of Teachers are kindly reminded that the password to their UNILAG email address is personal to them and would take responsibility for actions carried out through the email.

Visiting Lecturers/Professors that wish to vote, should request for a UNILAG e-mail address from the Centre for Information Technology and Systems (CITS) by forwarding an email through their Heads of Department with the softcopy of their Identity CardLetter of Appointment and Assumption of Duties Slip/Letter attached to: not later than 24 hours to the commencement of the voting exercise.

The Proposed candidates (Nominees) are to indicate in writing to the Senate and Ceremonies Unit their availability/representative at the” control room” in CITS not later than 10a.m. of the day preceding the date of election.


In line with extant policy, election must hold during the Faculty Board of Studies. There is therefore the need to call a Faculty Board meeting – A Blended Faculty Board meeting (Physical and Virtual) should be constituted in line with the COVID -19 pandemic protocols.

The Blended meeting of the Board of Studies shall have in attendance, the representative of the Academic Affairs Directorate.

To avoid a breach of the procedure on technical grounds, the blended meeting of the Faculty Board of Studies must have been duly (quorate) constituted by the Dean/Ag. Dean before the commencement of e-voting.

The Zoom link for the Blended Faculty Board meeting shall be forwarded to Academic staff/Assembly of Teachers not later than Monday, January 4, 2021.

Eligible voters shall receive access code to the voting platform in their UNILAG email address during the Board of Studies meeting.

Eligible voters shall proceed to vote on the voting platform as provided by CITS

The principle of ‘one man, one vote’ shall subsist, thus, eligible voters can only vote once.

The respective Faculty Officers/SPGS representative, proposed candidates (nominees) or their representative shall be required to be present at the “control room” in CITS during the period of voting to monitor the election as it progresses.

E-voting shall commence at the time scheduled for respective Faculties.

Results shall be made available on conclusion of the e-voting exercise

Thank you.                                                                              

O. E. Makinde (Mrs.)
Ag. Director, Academic Affairs

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