Auto-Diagnostic & Prognostic Centre, Faculty of Engineering Now Open

The recently commissioned Auto-Diagnostic and Prognostic Centre at the Faculty of Engineering is now open to all members of the University community and general public for patronage. The Centre was established to enhance its operations and assist the Faculty in doubling up efforts on internally-generated revenue.

The Centre is located behind the Central Workshop, along Oduduwa way and is a drive-in garage that makes use of sensors to identify various faults vehicles have (diagnosis) and proffer solutions to those faults as well as carry out minor repairs (prognosis).

The fully-equipped Centre renders services such as: Auto Diagnostics – Servicing of Engine (Oil + Filter change), Vehicle Assessment/Inspection, Prognostics (Failure Prediction), Fuel system service, Brake system service, Transmission flush + Service and Preventive maintenance service.

Members of the University community and the general public are encouraged to patronise the Centre.

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