Enrolment of Employees due for Retirement under the FG Contributory Pension Scheme

Enrollment of Federal Government Employees due for Retirement

The National Pension Commission (PenCom) has scheduled a nationwide pre-retirement Verification and Enrolment Exercise for the year 2020 on date(s) which would be published in due course. This is in line with the provisions of Section 15 of the Pension Reform Act 2014 and as part of the implementation process of the issuance of Federal Government Retirement Bond.

The enrolment exercise would cover:

  1. Members of staff of the University of Lagos who are due to retire between January and December 2021 by virtue of attaining the age of:
    • Seventy (70) years for the Professorial Cadre
    • Sixty-Five (65) years for all other cadres.
  2. Former members of staff of the University who are yet to be enrolled with PenCom but had retired:
    • statutorily;
    • voluntarily; or
    • mandatorily.

At the Enrolment Centre, Would-be Enrolees are expected to present the ORIGINAL of each required document for sighting, while the photocopy (on A4 paper), would be submitted to the Commission.

In view of the above, Would-be Enrolees are requested to prepare in readiness for enrolment with PenCom, the Original and a photocopy (on A4 paper) of each document.

The required documents are:

  1. Letter of First Appointment
  2. Birth Certificate or Declaration of Age.
  3. Evidence of Transfer of Service (where applicable).
  4. Letter of Promotion to the Grade Level as at:
    • 30th June, 2004;
    • 31st January, 2007;
    • 31st July, 2010;
    • 31st December, 2013;
    • 31st December, 2016 and
    • Letter of Promotion to the current Grade Level
  5. Pay Slip indicating Grade Level and Step as at:
    • 30th June, 2004;
    • 31st January, 2007;
    • 31st July, 2010;
    • 31st December, 2013;
    • 31st December, 2016; and
    • Pay Slip indicating current Grade Level and Step
  6. Staff Identity Card
  7. Letter of Acceptance of Voluntary Retirement (for voluntary retirees only)
  8. Evidence of change of name (where applicable)
  9. Evidence of Registration with a Pension Fund Administrator indicating Personal Identification Number (PIN)
  10. Evidence of Registration with the National Identification Management Commission (NIMC) indicating National Identification Number (NIN)

In addition, Would-be Enrolees are to collect from the Pension Unit, two other documents that are required for the exercise:

  • Authenticated Record of Service
  • Letter of Introduction (from the University)

Letter of Indemnity for non-payment of retirement benefits is to be collected from Pension Unit by only retirees with Date of Retirement that dates back more than five years.

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