Medical Center will be attending to emergencies only at this time

Important Notice

We wish to use this medium to inform the members of the University of Lagos Community and environs
that the Medical Center will be attending to emergencies only at this time. This has become necessary
because of the COVID-19 pandemic which has begun to record person-to-person spread in our country.
Recent events have shown that hospitals are fast becoming a focus of spread especially in our
In view of this development, members of the community are advised to please stay at home. If they feel
unwell (If you are really ill, with fever, a new dry and continuous cough and difficulty in breathing), they
should please call the medical centre: 08093933356, 09098573661, 08033203609, 08063734631 so that
preparations can be made to refer them to the right place. A visit to the hospital should occur only
when these measures fail or when there is a real health emergency.
Provision has been made for members of the community who will need to refill their routine drugs. This
category of patients are requested to forward their name, file number and request date to
09098573702 when drug refill is needed. Drugs will be packaged, and can be picked up at the Medical
Center on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 9am and 12 noon.
Avoiding hospitals in addition to other measures such as regular hand washing, social distancing and
good cough etiquette will help reduce the risk of getting infected. Let us as much as possible stay home
and stay safe at this time.
Thank you.
Medical Centre, University of Lagos.

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