UNILAG COVID-19 Response

The rate of patients with symptomatic disease is accelerating. We now have 81 laboratory confirmed cases, most of which are in Lagos. The virus is spread by droplets that are dispersed when someone coughs or sneezes. Following the decision of World Health Organisation (WHO) to declare Corona virus (Covid-19) as a pandemic, we will like our
students and staff to remain calm and to follow the basic infection prevention and control practices which have been shown to significantly prevent/reduce the risk of transmission of the virus. Our actions since the start of the onset of this pandemic has been in line with our core values and in accordance with the scientific evidence and guidance from the NCDC and World health Organisation.

  1. The University of Lagos is committed to the safety of its staff and students as well as that of the Nation.
    ● We called an emergency senate meeting which allowed us to shut down the University and send students home
    ● A health advisory was also circulated to the community through the office of the Director of Medical services. This is on the University website, please read it and action it.
  2. The University is committed to producing new knowledge and innovations to support ongoing efforts
    ● The university is working on a number of lowcost solutions to improve the care of patients with COVID 19. We continue to encourage new ideas that can fill the gap and add value to our response.
    ● Our academic staff are involved in research to better understand the virus, its epidemiology, and its prevention.
    This is the time we want to encourage all of us to put on our thinking caps to support our nation with innovation and good evidence to support policies. The University will back you a 100%.
  3. We stand with our colleagues at the College of Medicine and LUTH who are in the front line of this battle. We appreciate you all and are proud of you. The University will support you in all that it can.
    The University will work not only with Government but with any organization till we overcome this pandemic. On that note, I will like to remind our community that the most important thing you can do is to ensure you are not doing anything to transmit the virus. Please obey all instructions from NCDC, WHO and Ministries of Health.

    Remember the 3 most important things are:
  1. Cover your cough!! Cough/Sneeze into disposable tissue, discard it into a closed bin and immediately wash your hands for at least 40 seconds. Where there is no water, please carry out alcohol hand rub for at least 20 seconds. It is important that, you turn your face away from people when coughing/sneezing (avoid coughing in people’s direction)
  2. Social distancing / Stay home, Do not visit anyone, Stay away from crowds. Note that 3 is a crowd please! Secondly, try and keep at least 1 meter (3 feet) between yourself and another person. No shaking of hands!
  3. Wash your hands / use alcohol hand rub after coughing/sneezing, touching any surfaces, using the toilet or after any unavoidable social contact or interaction.

Do not Panic! There is no need to panic and wear face mask around in the community. Wearing gloves do not protect you because you can still contaminate yourself with the glove. Remember the virus does not penetrate the skin.

Finally, if anyone has a fever, dry cough and sore throat, they should phone the Health Centre ( 08093933356, 09098573661, 08033203609, 08063734631) where they will be properly instructed on what else to do. Do not leave home to go to the health centre. Stay at home and self-isolate Management will update you regularly as new information comes out. Please work from home as far as is possible. Avoid congregating. Share this message with your friends and family. Let us have a community of people working together to stop the virus.
Yours Sincerely

Professor Toyin Ogundipe

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