The Department of Marine Sciences annual Ghana field trip for the 2019/2020 is holding this year between the 23rd and 29th Feb., 2020. The educational trip to Ghana yearly exposes our students to coastal ecosystems and conditions, naturally sheltered, moderately exposed and high energy shores of Ghana. The coastal conditions in Republics of Benin and Togo also provide unique instances as we travel via the coastal road. This trip will also expose students to the aquaculture and fisheries resources in Ghana at the fish markets/jetty and fish cooperatives in Tema. The aim scientifically is to compare all these with appropriate Nigerian situations, especially those already taught. There would also be visits to a number of coastal wetlands as well as lagoons in Ghana. All these serve as practical guides and hands-on experience for our students and would go a long way in complimenting the lectures taught in connected courses. During the trip, students have opportunities to study and understand different shores types, seashore macroalgae, fish resources, aquaculture systems, fish preservation and processing among others.

Day 1 of the trip was departure from Nigeria and arrival in Ghana travelling via the coastal road. We thank God for a safe smooth trip.

Day 2 of the trip saw our students receiving two lectures/ presentations at the KOFFI ANNAN INTERNATIONAL PEACE KEEPING TRAINING CENTER including – MARITIME SECURITY IN THE GULF OF GUINEA. There was also a trip to the KOKROBITE ROCKY/SANDY BEACH with lectures/field work from at least three lecturers.

The department thanks the VC Prof. Oluwatoyin Ogundipe, our University Management for the trip approval and provision of logistics support. The department is most grateful.

Day 3 events started at the WATER RESEARCH INSTITUTE and eventually also a visit to the AQUACULTURE RESEARCH facility in Akosombo. This is a strategic aquaculture development research center in Ghana, giving solutions to current aquaculture challenges. New challenges in Tilapia culture in the West African region were also addressed among other talks and visits to different fish culture systems.

Day 4 (Wednesday)- Marine Scientists on Field trip, Ghana 2020. We were at the Department of Marine and Fisheries Sciences, University of Ghana, Legon under the school of Biological Sciences.
Unlike the last time we were here, a workshop was organised on our behalf themed: West Africa’s Blue Economy – Building the capacity of the next generation. Two presenters namely Lt. (GN) Joshua Agbenyega of the Ghana Navy and Prof. George Waife spoke on the Blue Economy global project. Questions from staff and students of both Universities of Ghana and Lagos on ground were entertained. The group also reflected on COASTAL ECOSYSTEM / HABITAT MAPPING AND MONITORING.

2nd outing: There was also a visit to the NEXT DOOR beach same day. A natural rocky shore where students took talks from three lecturers of our Dept.
There was also a hangout short session at the beach for relaxation and dancing.

Day 5 (Thursday), today the team visited the Ghana Ports and Habour, Tema. There was a detailed facility tour around the port and loading areas. This is after the rules and regulations of entrance into the ports were read out by the Port officials and every member put on their reflectors and cover footwear before entrance to the Ports.

Additionally, we visited the Fish market, preservation and processing sites at Tema. 5 lecturers also lectured at different times on their areas of specializations. The students also asked questions and interacted throughout the outing.

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