2019/2020 Registration of Students’ Associations Commences

Students are hereby informed that registration/renewal of Students’ Associations/ Clubs/Societies/Fellowships for the 2019/2020 academic session has commenced at the Student Affairs Division.

Requirements for the registration/renewal of Associations/Clubs/Societies/Fellowships are as follows:

  1. Application letter requesting for Registration/Renewal
  2. Staff Adviser’s consent/Acceptance letter to the Association/Club/Society
  3. A copy of the Association/Club/Society’s Constitution (in the case of new registration)
  4. A copy of the Association/Club/Society’s Reviewed Constitution/Bye law/ Memorandum of Understanding (in the case of renewal)
  5. Report of activities for previous year, to include Financial report duly endorsed by the Staff Adviser (in the case of renewal)
  6. Application form for members to be returned completed
  7. Payment of Registration/Renewal fee of N5,000 only
  8. Staff Adviser must be signatory to the Association/Club/Society/Fellowship’s Account
  9. Collection of four copies of Financial Guidelines, Receipt, Claim Voucher and Payment Voucher (one each)
  10. Registration letter/ Renewal letter and number.

Note: Deadline for 2019/2020 registration is the end of first semester.

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