Arbitrary Use of Allocated UNILAG Staff Quarters and Premises

UNILAG Community

The attention of the Housing Unit, University of Lagos (UNILAG), has been drawn to some of the unacceptable developments relating to the arbitrary use of allocated UNILAG staff quarters/premises. These acts, by certain members of staff, breach the executed Service Tenancy Agreement of the University. Some of these acts are:

  1. Wilful reconstruction or conversion of the allocated staff quarters’ car garages into other personal or structurally affected purposes without official approval in writing.
  2. Arbitrary use of boys quarters being sublet (for cash, kind or tainted consideration) to students or “others”, who improperly occupy the property under the guise of being wards or close family friends.
  3. Failure to observe tenants’ basic responsibility of keeping internal facilities tenable.

The above has led to many properties falling into state of disrepair, making it difficult for new allottees to move into properties for months because of the huge sum of money always required for renovation.

In the light of recent discoveries which are under investigation, this publication serves as a serious caution to all affected staff allottees to desist from these acts and address any of the foregoing highlighted developments within a final grace period of thirty (30) days from the date hereof.

Affected staff should TAKE NOTE that failure to heed this caution would lead to invocation of the appropriate sanctions against any misconduct after being investigated under the relevant sections of the University of Lagos Act (as amended).

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