Statistician-General of the Federation delivers 2019 Economics Annual Lecture

Statistician-General of the Federation, Dr. Yemi Kale, today delivered the 2019 Annual Lecture of the Department of Economics, University of Lagos.

He masterfully delivered on the topic, ‘From Conundrums and Contradictions to Coherence and Consistency: Data and Policies for Nigeria’s Development.’

Speaking on the ‘Conundrum of Old Glory’ and ‘Conundrum of One Talent’, Dr. Kale showed how Nigeria is a study in contrast – a bewildering case of lack in the midst of plenty.

He pointed out how the long years of disregard for data and data integrity have badly affected policy making and implementation; and how that has resulted into much resource input and less development output – to the disillusionment of many.

That “…unemployment is not a stock, it is a flow” is one of Dr. Kale’s reminders to policy makers, who he charged to start giving data its pride of place in policy formulation and execution for Nigeria to enjoy sustainable development.

Also present at the event were the Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences, Prof. Iyiola Oni; Chairman of the event and former Dean of Social Sciences, Professor M.O. Adejugbe; Head of Economics Department, Prof. Risikat Dauda and the Acting Head of Economics Department (LASU), Dr. Ibrahim Bakare, among others.


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