UNILAG Don Harps on Effective Management of Sedentary Lifestyle

Professor Grace Otinwa of the Faculty of Education, University of Lagos (UNILAG) has emphasized the importance of routine activities which would help ward off the health risks associated with the sedentary nature of work in a typical academic community.

In view of this, the Professor of Exercise Physiology has advocated physical exercises, effective stress management and an optimistic state of mind among university staff for an optimal lifestyle.

Delivering a health talk at the Faculty of Management Sciences Academic Board Meeting on Tuesday, November 21, 2023, Prof. Otinwa also stressed the need for every member of the faculty to invest in their general wellness and well-being.

Prof. Otinwa who is the immediate past Director of Quality Assurance and SERVICOM, UNILAG harped on the imperativeness of a work-life balance, and charged members of the faculty to eat healthy, invest in gadgets that would support their health and embrace routine medical examinations.

The Health Talk which was dotted with series of illustrative physical exercises afforded her an opportunity to caution members of the faculty against allowing work-related pressure to take the best of them while discharging their duties.

The Health Talk, according to the Dean, Faculty of Management Sciences, Professor Adeola Suleiman, was made the highpoint of the faculty’s Academic Board Meeting to drive home the importance of a sound mind in a sound body.

He said the faculty hopes to keep engaging professionals across various fields at its meetings for the purpose of enlightening the rank and file of its staff members and open their eyes to opportunities which would better their lots.

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