UNILAG Chemical & Petroleum Engineering Department Celebrates Golden Jubilee, Oct 16-19

Upcoming Events

The Chemical and Petroleum Engineering Department of the University of Lagos is set to celebrate its Golden Jubillee.

Following is the Programme of Events slated for the commemoration of the 50th Anniversary:

DAY 1: October 16, 2023:

Time:             8:00am            Walking for Awareness

                        12:00pm         Press Conference

DAY 2: October 17, 2023:

Time:              10:00am          Anniversary Lecture I

Title: Chemical and Petroleum Engineering Department, UNILAG: The Past Fifty Years and Looking Forward.

                        2:00pm:          Lunch and Networking

DAY 3: October 18, 2023:   

Time:             10:00am:        Anniversary Lecture II

Title: The Crucial Role of Alumni in Departmental Development

                        11:00am:        Tea Break

                        11.30am:        Tour of the Department, Exhibition and Presentation of                                                 Shopping List.

                        2:00pm:          Lunch and Networking

DAY 4: October 19, 2023:

Time:              10:00am: Student and Youth Programme

                        4:00pm: Dinner and Award Night

RSVP: 08037145011, 08023162183, 08033010847

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