Innovative 10-Week Coding Bootcamp at NitHub, UNILAG Empowers Junior Secondary Students with Tech Skills

On Friday, August 25, 2023, the NITDA IT Hub (NitHub) at the University of Lagos concluded its 10-week Coding Bootcamp for Junior Secondary Students.

Director of NitHub, Dr. Victor Odumuyiwa

Throughout the intensive 10-week program, the young participants were introduced to a range of programming languages, including JavaScript, Python, and HTML/CSS. Under the guidance of experienced instructors and mentors, the students engaged in hands-on coding exercises, projects, and interactive sessions that aimed to demystify the realm of coding.

The culmination of the bootcamp saw students showcasing their impressive projects that underscored their newfound skills. Among the standout creations were Chat Applications that simulated real-time conversations, Past Question Applications designed to aid in academic preparations, and Video Tutorial Applications that offered engaging learning experiences. These projects not only showcased the technical abilities the students had acquired but also highlighted their creativity and problem-solving aptitude.

The Director of NitHub, Dr. Victor Odumuyiwa expressed his delight in the participants’ achievements. He emphasized the importance of nurturing a tech-savvy generation and commended the students for their dedication and enthusiasm throughout the programme. Dr. Odumuyiwa also seized the opportunity to address the parents and guardians present, urging them to take pride in their children’s accomplishments and encouraging them to continue supporting their technological pursuits.

As a token of appreciation for the students’ hard work and determination, Dr. Odumuyiwa announced a special incentive. The best-performing developers from the bootcamp would be granted a one-month internship opportunity at NitHub, providing them with real-world exposure to the tech industry and a chance to further hone their skills.

The success of the 10-week Coding Bootcamp not only reaffirms NitHub’s commitment to fostering technological innovation but also underscores the immense potential within Nigeria’s younger generation. By equipping junior secondary students with the tools to code and create, NitHub and the University of Lagos is paving the way for a future where technology knows no bounds.

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Below are photo reels of the event:

Young Developers
Display of one of the Chat Apps
Past Question Applications
Young Developers
Young Developers
Video Tutorial Application
Rat in a Maze Game
Young Developers
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