Staff Training and Development Centre Launches Website, Releases Templates for Report and Minutes Writing

The University of Lagos Staff Training and Development Centre (STDC) has launched its official website: 

The purpose of the website is to assist staff of the University, of all categories, to acquire new skills and sharpen existing ones.

It will make training content available to non-participants who may wish to access them. It will also publicise the training events and activities of the Centre.

The STDC is convinced that these initiatives will improve staff service deliveries, thereby enhancing the stature of the University, since an organization is the sum total of what the employees achieve individually.

Members of staff are encouraged to visit the website regularly. 

Approved Templates for Report and Minutes

The Staff and Training Development Centre has also released approved templates for Report and Minutes Writing. Members of staff are enjoined to avail themselves of these resources which can be downloaded below:

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