Geosciences Department Hosts 6th IMGA Nigeria Conference, Aug 22 – 24  

The Department of Geosciences, Faculty of Science, University of Lagos, will be hosting the 6th Nigerian Conference of the International Medical Geologists Association (IMGA-Nigeria Conference) from Tuesday, August 22 to Thursday, August 24, 2023.

Conference Theme is “Discerning the Unknown: Establishing the Link between Health and the Environment”.

Venue: Arthur Mbanefo Digital Research Centre, University of Lagos

Time:  10.00 a.m. daily.

The International Medical Geologists Association (IMGA) is an affiliate body of the Nigeria Mining and Geosciences Society (NMGS). It is a pool of professionals in Environmental, Geographical, Medical and Public Health disciplines. The body also conducts research into the effects of human interactions with the environment and proffers prevention as well as ameliorative solutions to these effects when found to be negative.

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