UNILAG Business School Sends Forth Pioneer Executive Director in Style

It was a galore of appreciation and encomium at the University of Lagos Business School (ULBS) on Thursday, June 1, 2023 as the institution sent forth its pioneer Executive Director, Professor Abraham Osinubi.

Many senior members of the university academic community were present to celebrate a man they described as a “business-minded unique gentleman”.

Executive Director of ULBS, Professor Mike Adebamowo

The current Executive Director of the ULBS, Professor Mike Adebamowo, opened the floodgate of testimonies on Professor Osinubi’s stewardship at the business school.

“Pioneering work of any kind is laced with a lot of challenges”, he said. “It only takes men of great heart, vision, and resilience to weather the storm of starting from the scratch. Professor Osinubi takes his place prominently in the ranks of such men, because of his excellent record of leadership here at the ULBS”.

“Professor Osinubi is well deserving of this celebration, and we are confident that great heights of service await you”.

Representing the Vice-Chancellor at the event, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Development Services), Prof. Ayodele Atsenuwa, was full of praise, both for the honouree and the leadership of the ULBS, which thought it appropriate to honour Prof. Osinubi.

DVC (Development Services), Prof. Ayodele Atsenuwa

Her words: “Today is a day of honour for one of us, who had a challenge thrown at him and embraced it with gusto. He didn’t just do the work, he did it excellently well. His brief was an uncharted course, but he put things in place at the ULBS; and what we see here today is a confirmation of his excellent stewardship. The University of Lagos says a big “Thank You!” – to you and to your successor who thought it wise to honour you this way”.

For the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) Programme Director, Dr. Simeon Ifere, “Professor Osinubi’s vision, drive, and strategic nature stand him out as person. Under his leadership, ideas were superior to personalities; and that’s why the school has been able to make great strides in a short space of time”.

Dean of Clinical Sciences, Prof. Folasade Akinsola, called him “a unique person who is a gift to humanity”; while for Board Chairman of the International School, UNILAG, Professor Ngozi Osarenren, “Triple A is a deep-rooted marketer. His passion, dedication, and attitude have contributed to his success here at ULBS”.

Professor Folasade Akinsola
Professor Osarenren and Professor Osinubi

According to the Dean of Student Affairs, Professor Musa Obalola, “Professor Osinubi’s trail blazing efforts at the ULBS show that, many times, what we need are passion, commitment, vision, and the willingness to succeed.”

There was a consensus of opinion among all the testifiers that Professor Osinubi’s performance at the business school defied the expectations of many who had reservations about his qualification for the role.

For a member of ULBS Board, Professor Solomon Akinboye, “What an Anatomist was doing as head of a business school was the question on the minds of many people when Professor Osinubi was appointed. However, the results of his years of service have answered that question well. This man is committed. He knows what to do to achieve success”.

Dean of Student Affairs, Prof, Musa Obalola
Prof. Solomon Akinboye hugs the Honouree

A Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) student of the school, Mrs Elizabeth Makinde, also had words about the honoree: “He is a goal getter, a fantastic leader, and an exceptional human being. If I have taken anything from him, it is the “Can-Do” Spirit. He never believes anything is impossible.”

The Administrative Secretary of the ULBS, Mr Gbenga Adefarakan, simply described him as “a strategist per excellence and a great leader”.

Mrs Elizabeth Makinde
Mr Gbenga Adefarakan

Honoree Responds

In his response, Professor Abraham Osinubi was full of gratitude to all who contributed to his success.

“From the former Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Ogundipe, who appointed me and trusted me implicitly to succeed, to the pioneer Chairman of the Board, Prof. Babajide Alo, whose wise counsel shaped the culture of open deliberations here. From the designer of this beautiful space, who is now my successor, Prof. Adebamowo, to my ever-ready Secretary, Pastor Adefarakan. I thank all of you for making my job here a success.”

The Honouree, Professor Abraham Osinubi

He was quick to identify that the journey was not an entirely smooth one.

“I must confess that it was not always rosy. There were times that I considered turning in my resignation letter, but my wife here would remind me that “you are the one who tells people in church that when you put your hand on the plough, you should not look back”. Those reminders worked wonders”, he said.

He expressed confidence in the ability of his successor, Professor Adebamowo, to take the ULBS to greater heights. He also called on staff and students of the school to give him their maximum support so that “the University of Lagos Business School can take its rightful place as the pride of Africa in raising business leaders”.

Professor Abraham Osinubi served as the pioneer Executive Director of University of Lagos Business School from June 2018 to May 2022.

MC of the Event, Mr. Seun Ajidagba
Prof Osinubi and Wife
Dr Ifere and Dr Olowokudejo of ULBS
Director, Research Management Office, Prof. Timothy Nubi
Gift Presentation to the Honouree
Group Picture
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