“Separate Your Wastes Via Sorting and Segregation to Reduce Carbon Emission” – Dr. Kabari

Researcher and lecturer at the School of Environment, Geography and Geosciences, University of Portsmouth, England, Dr. Sam Kabari, has suggested that household wastes be sorted and separated to curtail the emission of carbon into the atmosphere.

Speaking on the theme, “Harnessing Blue Carbon Resources in Nigeria: Opportunities and Challenges”, at the Faculty of Science Special Seminar held at the Faculty’s Boardroom, on Tuesday, May 9, 2023, Dr. Kabari noted that this would go a long way to reduce carbon emission and its harmful effects on the environment.

Dr. Kabari

While stressing the importance of blue carbon restoration, Dr. Kabari highlighted the diverse uses of mangrove in the Niger Delta; mangrove degradation and restoration programmes in the Niger Delta. With a case study of the Mikoko Pamoja Project in Kenya which yielded about 215,000 dollars per year, he compared the prices of blue carbon in the compliance and voluntary markets. He therefore, called for the use of compliance market against voluntary carbon markets.

Dr. Kabari identified some blue carbon investment challenges such as shifting cultivation, f+unding gaps, knowledge gaps and research needs. He urged the government to address the issue of who owns the carbon to restore stakeholders’ confidence as well as engagement.

During the question-and-answer segment, Dr. Kabari addressed the issue of balancing carbon footprint in Nigeria. He noted that balance is only feasible in theory, and that as population increases across the country, there will be continuous emission of carbon into the atmosphere due to man’s activities.

He recommended changing farming practices from shifting cultivation which leads to the eventual wastage of carbon; and advised that climate finance, technology advancement and capacity development be explored.

In response to a question on how to make money out of carbon, he noted that getting financial gains from carbon is dependent on the ability to quantify carbon. Since carbon could not be quantified yet, he therefore suggested that research should be carried out to seek out ways to quantify carbon released into the atmosphere. He also urged communities to employ forest guards to safeguard mangroves.

Prof. Oyeyemi
Prof. Aderolu

The Dean, Faculty of Science, Prof. Elijah Oyeyemi appreciated the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Management Services, Prof. Lucian Chukwu for encouraging the Faculty of Science to hold the Special Seminar Series. He also encouraged the academia as well as students to partner with Dr. Kabari to pursue collaborative research works.

The Head, Department of Marine Sciences, Prof. Aderolu encouraged all to take note of the lessons learnt at the session. He invited all students of the University to also participate in the session which Dr. Kabari would hold with postgraduate students of the Faculty of Science.

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