3rd Call for Application for TETFund Intervention Funds for Conference Attendance

Call For Papers, Nominations etc.

As a follow-up to the first and second announcements calling on members of staff to submit their application for TETFund Intervention Funds for Conference attendance/paper presentations, this latest call is a reminder to staff who are interested in accessing the Fund to submit their applications promptly.

Guidelines for Accessing TETFund Intervention Funds for Conference Attendance

The Conference Attendance (CA) Intervention Programme was conceived to grant both academic and non-academic staff of beneficiary institutions the opportunity to attend local and international conferences organized by reputable professional bodies with a view to have first-hand, robust and rich international and local experience as well as exposure in their various areas of disciplines.

1. For any Conference to be qualified for the participation of Academic Staff under the TETFund Conference Attendance intervention, the following shall be justified:

a)      It shall be an Academic Conference organised by academic institutions, learned society, and/or recognized and reputable professional bodies. Predatory Conferences being organized by third party Predatory Conference Organizers (PCOs) shall not be recommended to the Fund.

b)     The registration fee for the Conference shall not exceed N100,000 (One Hundred Thousand Naira) for Conferences in Nigeria, and $500 (Five hundred US dollars) for Conferences abroad;

c)      The Fund shall prescribe admissible fees for Conference from time to time through Circulars.

d)     The duration of the Conference shall not exceed five (5) days excluding the travelling days.

2. Not more than two (2) members of staff of a given institution shall attend the same Conference.

3. Non-Academic Staff on the other hand can attend Workshops or Conferences but for a period not exceeding 5 days.

4. Academic and Non-Academic Staff of beneficiary institutions could attend group Conferences or Workshops as the case may be subject to the following:

         i.            Only a maximum of 7 Academic Staff of a department could attend a group Conference (and not Workshop) within a given intervention year.

       ii.            Non-Academic Staff could attend group Workshops organized by recognized Public Institutions.

5. To be eligible for sponsorship under the TETFund Conference Attendance intervention, teaching and non-teaching Staff as the case may be:

         i.            Shall be a full-time and confirmed Staff of a beneficiary institution;

       ii.            Shall apply to attend and participate in an Academic Conference organized by academic institutions, Learned Science (regional, national or international one), and/or recognized professional bodies;

      iii.            Shall have a paper accepted for presentation at the Conference to be attended.

6. Staff previously sponsored by the Fund to attend and present paper at any Conference shall present evidence of attendance and presentation [Certificate of Attendance, Conference Proceedings etc] before qualifying to be sponsored to attend another Conference with TETFund support.

7. Any Staff that was previously sponsored by the Fund to attend and present a paper at an international Conference shall present evidence of publishing at least one (1) article in any first quartile (Q1) journal or two (2) articles in any second quartile (Q2) journal before qualifying to be sponsored to attend another international Conference.

8. For ease of processing with TETFund that requires a minimum of two months’ notice, kindly submit:

a)      latest by May 1, 2023 for Mid-July – October 31, 2023 Conferences; and

b)      latest by September 1, 2023 for Mid-November – December 31, 2023 Conferences.

9. Please also note:

  •  Change of Conference/Workshop or its venue/location after approval and release of funds is not allowed.
  • TETFund does not sponsor Online/Virtual Conferences/Workshops.
  • Members of staff are to be cautious of fraudulent/scam/predatory Conferences.
  • Interested members of staff should visit  to download the original TETFund Attendance Nomination Form and also visit the Director of Academic Planning, 7th Floor, Senate House, University of Lagos, Akoka for further clarifications and submission of the Forms.
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