Call for Application for Sponsorship under the TETFund’s Academic Staff Training & Development (AST&D) Programme

Call For Papers, Nominations etc.

Introduction: The Academic Staff Training & Development (AST&D) programme is an intervention carefully articulated to address prioritized academic training needs of beneficiary institutions by granting academic staff of beneficiary institutions the opportunity to further their studies by pursuing Masters and Doctorate degrees in either a foreign or local institution as well as the opportunity of conducting research (Bench work) in foreign Institutions/Laboratories only. This highly innovative Intervention programme of TETFund was designed to support public tertiary institutions to build capacity to enhance their global competitiveness.


The programmes being supported under the AST&D project which should be recommended to the Fund are: (a) A Master degree (MA, MEd, MSc etc.) or Doctorate degree (PhD, DSc, DLitt. etc) at home or abroad; (b) A scholar pursuing a doctorate degree in Nigeria, to travel abroad for bench work for a period not exceeding twelve (12) months and not less than three (3) months provided the programme is science-based; (c) On no account should beneficiary institutions make recommendations for online or part-time Masters and PhD degree programmes.

Prospective TETFund scholars shall be guided by the following in the choice of universities for studies:

(A) All applicants seeking for sponsorship to study at home (in Nigeria) shall note that:

i.                     Only Universities with National Universities Commission (NUC) approved graduate courses would be accepted in Nigeria; and

ii.                   Scholars would not be sponsored if they are to study at the University where they also work. Inbreeding will not be supported;

(B) All applicants seeking for sponsorship to study abroad shall note that:

         i.            Public fund would only be expended to train Nigerian scholars in the top ranking Universities around the world;

       ii.            Choice of country of study shall be guided by the World University Ranking of Times Higher Education. Scholars should seek for admission in countries that have Universities ahead of the best university in Nigeria (based on the ranking of that year); and

     iii.            In those countries, scholars should be guided by the University league tables of the countries to ensure that they are seeking for placement in the top-of-the-league Universities.

     iv.            Specifically: (a) Only Universities that are among the top 20 percent on the league tables of Universities in developed countries would be approved for the purpose of TETFund scholarship; (b) Only Universities that are among the top 10 percent on the league tables of Universities in developing countries that satisfy (b) above, would be approved for the purpose of TETFund AST&D scholarship; and (c) Change of Institution or course of study after the award of scholarship is not permissible. Objective Programmes supported under the AST&D Choice of Universities in Nigeria under the AST&D Programme Choice of Universities abroad under the AST&D programme.

       v.            Scholars found to have changed their course or institution of study would be asked to refund the scholarship and be barred from enjoying the Fund’s support.

To be eligible for TETFund scholarship under the AST&D intervention, a nominee shall:

(a) Be a full-time confirmed Academic Staff, working at and nominated by a beneficiary institution through the institution’s AST&D Committee or Staff Development Committee as the case may be;

(b) Have secured admission to pursue a full-time programme of study as specified above in any University that satisfies the prescribed guidelines above;

(c) Have submitted current Admission Letter (with cost implication, if the programme is tenable in foreign universities/institutions);

(d) Have completed TETFund AST&D Nomination Form duly signed by the Head of Department, Dean of Faculty and the Vice Chancellor or Rector or Provost of the beneficiary institution;

(e) Have submitted his/her Curriculum Vitae;

(f) Not be applying to study for a second Master degree or a second Doctorate degree;

(g) Have submitted a duly completed, signed and stamped Bond Form with the beneficiary institution where he/she is an employee in the teaching profession of the institution;

(h) Have submitted his/her Bank Details, i.e. Official Salary Pay Point;

(i) A nominee for doctorate scholarship who has benefitted from the Fund’s scholarship for Master Degree shall have lived the bond period of the Master degree before applying to be sponsored for the doctorate study;

(j) Shall not be in receipt of any other scholarship; and

(k) Shall provide evidence of medical fitness from a Public Hospital and not Health Centres.

The tenure of scholarship is as follows:

(a) All PhD programmes should not exceed 3 years anywhere in the world;

(b) All Masters programmes should not exceed 2 years in Nigeria and 1 year in Europe and North America. However, Master’s degree programmes in Malaysia, India, Taiwan, Thailand, and the United Arab Emirate could be for a maximum of 2 years;

(c) The duration of Bench Work shall range from 3 months to a maximum of 1 year; and

(d) Approval for the duration of studies will be based on the duration stipulated in the letter of admission.

For ease of processing with TETFund that requires a minimum of three months’ notice, please submit:

a) Latest by May 1, 2023  for Programmes starting any time from August 15 – October 31, 2023;  and

b) Latest by July 1, 2023 for Programmes starting any time from November 1 – December 31, 2023.

Kindly also note that:

v  Change of Programmes or its venue/location after approval and release of funds is not allowed;

v  TETFund does not sponsor online/Virtual Programmes;

v  Interested members of Staff should visit  to download the original TETFund Attendance Nomination Form and also visit the Director of Academic Planning, 7th Floor, Senate House, University of Lagos, Akoka for further clarifications and submission of the Forms.

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