UNILAG Textile Unit to Receive Boost

The Textile Unit of the Creative Arts Department, University of Lagos, is set to receive a boost of half of the proceeds from the auctioning of a diptych painted by the duo of our Professor of Art History, Professor ‘Peju Layiwola and her counterpart from the Department of Textile Design, Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, Tel-Aviv, Israel, Dr. Ella Amitay Sadovsky.

A diptych is a painting or work of art done on two (2) hinged wooden panels which may be closed like a book.

The painting was the product of “The Art of Friendship”, a project sponsored by the Israeli Embassy to foster friendship and renew diplomatic ties between Israel and Nigeria. It was a collaboration between the Israeli and Nigerian artists to mark Israel Embassy’s 30 years of friendship and cordial relationship with Nigeria.

The Art of Friendship was a residency programme which took place at the Orisun Art Gallery, Abuja, between from Monday, January 30, 2023 and Wednesday, February 8, 2023. It was curated by Susa Rodriguez-Garrido.

Using their unique techniques and art styles, the artists created a beautiful painting which reflected a blend of cultures and the friendship between Nigeria and Israel over the years. Dr. Sadovsky worked with textiles while Prof. Layiwola who is well-known for her textile art, worked with metals.

The auctioning ceremony was held at the residence of the Israeli Ambassador, Michael Freeman. The other half of the proceeds will be donated towards educating vulnerable women in Israel.

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