Important Notice: Security Advisory

This Security Advisory is issued to the University community and the general public to safeguard lives and properties within the campus.

1.      Staff, students and other members of the university community should: 

a.       Always wear identification cards while on campus, for easy identification at all times.

b.      Maintain environmental awareness on your route to and from campus, and be security conscious and alert at all times.

c.       Be vigilant and take note of any stranger or strange face in your midst in lecture rooms, relaxation centres and other locations across campus including:  lagoon front, Love Garden, bus or cab parks, places of worship, filling station, shopping malls/kiosks, staff club, sports centre, dump sites, eateries among others. Please report such intruder(s) to the Security Officer at the location immediately.

d.      Take note of the vehicle registration details of Taxis/Uber/Bolt etc boarded within and outside campus. Details of such vehicles should be shared with families and friends, in case you are in distress.

e.       Be wary of attending events that involve large crowds outside the campus, especially during the festive period.

f.        Desist from walking in the night outside the campus in order, to avoid sexual harassment/assault or any reprehensible incident.

g.       Switch off all appliances not in use, and before closing for the day, to avoid fire outbreak on campus.

2.      Shops, canteens and other business activities on campus must comply with the closing time of 10.00 p.m.

3.      Dispatch Riders will not be allowed into the campus as from 7.00 p.m.

4.      The University Access Gates are closed by 12midnight and opened at 6.00 a.m. anyone who wants to enter the campus at odd hours should have a means of identification. 

5.      Report any strange or suspicious movement/occurrence to the following emergency/distress numbers for immediate response and prompt action:

A.      Chief Security Officer (CSO): 08027516446, 08059622575

B.      Operations Officer: 08087658118

C.      Crime Officer: 080134125931

D.     Fire Station Help-Lines: 08183679281, 07086196426

E.      DSS Anti- Kidnapping Help-Lines: 08101272303, 08025713190,

08176878575, 09058530351

It is imperative to stress that security is everybody’s businesshence, If You See Something, Say Something. Please do not panic, go about your legitimate business and ensure compliance with security measures.

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