UNILAG Don Advocates Renaissance of Indigenous Languages to promote Africa’s intellectual monuments

A Research Professor of Linguistics and Language Engineering in the Institute of African and Diaspora Studies (IADS), University of Lagos, Professor Luqman Ayodele Yusuff has solicited a reengineering of indigenous languages with a view to showcasing and projecting the richness of Africa’s intellectual monuments.

While delivering the 6th Inaugural Lecture for the 2021/2022 Academic Session, Professor Yusuff insisted that the over-reliance on the use of foreign languages for intellectual researches and other mediated knowledge production efforts does not do justice to African Studies.

Prof. Yusuff’s inaugural lecture entitled “LANGUAGE ENGINEERING AND THE DYNAMICS OF RECONFIGURING AFRICAN STUDIES” afforded him an avenue to review some recommendations of some colonial committees for appropriate curricula for African development. He also gave possible reasons for the endangerment of African languages and recommendations on the way forward.

The internationally acclaimed linguist highlighted the essence of Language Engineering as a veritable way of empowering all languages, especially the endangered ones.

While giving a detailed analysis of his efforts in modernizing and developing African languages within and outside UNILAG, the Research Professor cautioned against Language code-mixing among users and harped on the need for interdisciplinary researches between linguistic professionals and specialists in other disciplines so as to effectively provide terms in those disciplines for the understanding of speakers of the Yorùbá language.

In her remarks, Vice-Chancellor, Professor Folasade Ogunsola, FAS, commended the insights provided by Professor Yusuff in his delivery.

The Vice-Chancellor described Prof.  Yusuff’s inaugural lecture as another addition to the body of knowledge which consolidates the place of the University of Lagos as a leading light in solution-driven researches for all-round development.

The 6th Inaugural Lecture for the 2021/2022 Academic Session was witnessed by members of management, colleagues, friends, well-wishers and admirers of Professor Luqman Ayodele Yusuff from within and outside the University of Lagos.

Below is a pictorial highlight of the event.

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