Important Notice

In light of rising security threats in and around the University, and the Country at large, members of the University Community are hereby implored to be SECURITY CONSCIOUS at all times and adhere to the following:

  1. Don’t walk alone when it is dark or late in the night
  2. Always let people know where you are going, even if it is just to step outside your house or hostel.
  3. Always verify the identity of the driver of any ride you have ordered before entering the vehicle and endeavor to share your ride with your friends and family members before moving so that your journey can be monitored. Before entering the ride, ensure that nobody is hiding in the car.
  4. Be extra careful when boarding any commercial bus that has only the driver and the conductor as the only people in the bus.
  5. If you suspect any foul play, quickly send SOS message to the underlisted help lines.
  6. For students staying in the Radiography Campus, ensure you return to the hostel, latest by 6:00 p.m. Similarly ensure that you have bought all you would be needing and won’t have the need to step outside the campus again until morning.
  7. Report any strange face you see in your classes and around the campus.
  8. Be careful about dealing with house agents who openly advertise for accommodation on various social media platforms without doing a thorough check.
    • 08027516446 – Chief Security Officer (CSO)
    • 08087658118 – Operations (OPS)
    • 08134125931; 08124673074 – Crime Section
    • 08053366468 – Officer in Charge, Main Gate
    • 09166663333 – Dean of Student Affairs (DSA)
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