UNILAG Staff Multi-Purpose Cooperative Society Limited Holds Election and AGM , November 24


UNILAG Staff Multi-Purpose Cooperative Society Limited Holds Election and AGM , November 24

The University of Lagos (Akoka) Staff Multipurpose Cooperative Society Limited will hold its Annual General Meeting and election into Management Committee on Wednesday, November 24, 2022.

Details of the election activities are as follows:

  1. Vacant Posts:
  2. President
  3. Vice President
  4. General Secretary
  5. Treasurer
  6. Assistant General Secretary
  7. Financial Secretary
  8. Chairman, Supervisory Committee
  9. Two (2) Members, Supervisory Committee
  • Eligibility Conditions:

Candidates for vacant posts must:

  1. Have a minimum of first degree (Bachelor’s degree or HND).
  2. Have spent a minimum of five years (5yrs) in the cooperative Society.
  3. Note less than ten years (10yrs) in the service of University of Lagos, holding permanent confirmed and pensionable appointment.
  4. Must have at least five full years (5yrs) before retirement.
  5. Must not have been found guilty of misconduct.
  6. Be of high moral standard, proven integrity and impeccable character.
  7. Must not have occupied the same position for two consecutive terms.
  8. Must not be holding similar position in any Society within the University.
  9. Possess relevant experience for the post applied for
  10. Must not have served in any executive position of the Society for six consecutive years.

Election Time-Table:

  1. Election Day:                                            24th November, 2022
  2. Advertisement:                                        02nd November, 2022
  3. Collection of Electoral form                  03rd November, 2022
  4. Submission of Electoral form               07th November, 2022
  5. Screening of Aspirants                          14th November, 2022
  6. Publication of Eligible Aspirants          15th November, 2022
  7. Display of quality aspirants                   16th November, 2022
  8. Campaign by Quality Candidate            18th – 22nd November, 2022
  9. Election Day                                             24th November, 2022

Accreditation                                    9: 00a.m – 11: 00a.m.

Voting                                                11:00a.m – 11: 00p.m.

AGM Proper                                      2:00p.m

Accreditation and Voting will hold simultaneously from 9am till 11:00am.

Counting of ballot papers will be done immediately and the winner will be announced by the Chairman.

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