“Wherever there is vision, there is a show of glory!”, Vice-Chancellor Ogundipe Charges Newly Inaugurated Student Leaders

The Vice-Chancellor, Professor Oluwatoyin Ogundipe, FAS, charged newly sworn-in student leaders to be visionary, selfless, and conscious of the legacy they would be leaving behind in the course of discharging their duties.

“Where there is a vision, there is a show of glory. Any man without vision in life will labour and toil, and end up having nothing to show for it”, Professor Ogundipe said.

Professor Ogundipe, FAS, charges the student leaders.

He charged the student leaders to recognise that, by being elected into their respective positions, they have a burden of trust to bear, which they must carry with utmost sincerity, integrity, and introspection. Team Work, Proper Conduct and Comportment, Fostering Peace among their Constituents, and Absolute Dependence on God were some of the key points with which he orientated the student leaders.

A cross section of the student leaders.

The Vice-Chancellor took the opportunity to mobilise the support of the students for the forthcoming NUGA Games to be hosted by the University of Lagos, starting from March 16.

The Acting Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Musa Obalola, was also on hand to witness the ceremony. He congratulated the student leaders and charged them to live up to the expectations of good performance that the entire university community has of them.

Ag. Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Musa Obalola

Barrister Issac Dada, the Principal Assistant Registrar (Legal Services Unit), administered the Oath of Office on the student leaders.

The newly inaugurated leaders were elected Executive Officers of the various Faculties, Departmental Associations, the Distance Learning Institute/ICE and Halls of Residence.

Barrister Administers the Oath of Office
Student Leaders take the Oath of Office.

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