The need for registry staff to be up-to-date with current administrative processes, attend trainings and workshops for self-improvement were listed as requisites to enhance university administration. This, were thoughts shared during the launching of a new magazine, ‘SUSSURI” at the College of Medicine, Idi-araba, Lagos.

Guest speaker and the Director, Arthur Mbanefo Digital Research Centre (AMDRC), Dr. (Mrs) Taiwo Folasade Ipaye, FNIM, remarked that it has become imperative for university administrators to be skilled in the process of modelling collective capacity for collaboration and empowering each other through shared leadership.  A process she strongly alluded to with the idea of SUSSURI.

She asserted that many professionals in the non-teaching cadre in the university system have limited understanding of university affairs neither do they avail themselves of opportunities  to attend conferences, seminars, workshops, public lectures etc. where such issues pertinent to enhancing university administration are discussed.

The astute Administrator, however, charged administrators to demonstrate competence and the ability to exercise reasonable independence in a mature manner and concretely to add value to the operation of the department they find themselves to make a difference.

With the development of economic globalization and modern science and technology, Dr. Ipaye said the world economy is marching from the era of industrialization towards that of knowledge economy, and posited the education growth is increasingly driven by technological innovation, and university administration is not an exception, while stating that they are the custodians of records, rules, history, traditions and culture of the University system in addition to having good core leadership competencies.

The College Secretary, Dr. Olayinka Obafemi-Moses revealed how the idea was conceived and that it will be a rallying point for administrators at the College of Medicine. He asserted that registry is the engine room of the University administrative structure. He admonished administrators to work in collaboration with other units and departments to effectively carry out the Institutional objectives and multiple goals of the university system.

He took time to appreciate the contributions of past administrators of the college on whose unrivalled dedication university administration continue to thrive.

The Team lead, Mr. Olufemi Hodefe, also remarked that Sussuri magazine is an initiative that is birthed to promote a continuous reading and learning culture among Administrative and Executive officers of the university and all other stakeholders through sharing of information that will impact on individuals, members of the university community, in line with 21st century university administration.

The UNILAG-SUSSURI magazine was launched by founder of Nordica, Dr. Abayomi Ajayi. Also present at the event were former provosts of the College, Prof. F.E.A Lesi and Prof. Folasade Ogunsola, the current provost Prof. Adewale Anthonio Oke, his deputy, Prof. O A T Ebuehi.  

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