UNILAG Leverages International Partnerships, Entrepreneurships to Drive Development

In line with Professor Oluwatoyin Ogundipe’s UNILAG strategy otherwise known as the UNILAG AGENDA, where the “N” stands for “Networking globally, strategizing locally and consolidating nationally powered University”, the University held briefing sessions with the Deans of Faculty, Heads of Department, Deputy Registrars, Deputy Bursars, Deputy College Secretary, Principal Assistant Registrars, Chief Accountants, Principal Assistant Secretaries at the Akoka campus and Idi-Araba campus.

The sessions were organised to discuss three key areas necessary for driving the University of Lagos 25-year strategic plan: Internationalisation, Entrepreneurship and Ranking. The participants were introduced to the workings of the Office of International Relations, Partnerships and Prospects (IRPP) as well as the Entrepreneurship and Skills Development Centre (ESDC).

The Entrepreneurship and Skills Development Centre is a centre established with the aim of promoting the entrepreneurial spirit and supporting students to set up profitable business ventures along their chosen professions before graduation.

Dr. Sunday Adebisi delivering a presentation

In his presentations, Acting Director of the Centre, Dr. Sunday Adebisi stated the various programmes run by the Centre and the opportunities open to students and members of staff of the University. He implored them to scout for students with innovative ideas which the University can nurture and support with seed funds and patenting where necessary.

He urged the participants to tap into various programmes available at the Entrepreneurship and Skills Development Centre including the Business Innovation and Talent Evaluation (BITE).

Dr Adebisi also spoke about social entrepreneurship which is basically achieving social change by applying entrepreneurial principles, processes and operations which includes identifying social problems and proffering solutions.

Dr. Ismail Ibraheem making a presentation

In their presentations, the Acting Director, Office of International Relations, Partnerships and Prospects, Dr. Ismail Ibraheem and the Deputy Registrar, Mrs. Aderonke Asiwaju, spoke about the functions of the IRPP office, the need for internationalisation, how to access support for international students and academic mobility programmes, as well as how to support the University via partnerships and collaborations.

Mrs. Aderonke Asiwaju making a presentation

The duo elaborated on the University of Lagos Action Plan designed by the office as adopted by the Research and Innovation Office. They urged participants to adopt the plan for the actualisation of the University’s vision. Dr. Ibraheem and Mrs. Asiwaju spoke extensively on the upcoming International Week slated for October 12 – 14, 2021 with the theme: “Universities of the Future”. They highlighted the keynote speakers, discussants, panellists, etcetera.

The participants were reminded that the Office of International Relations, Partnerships and Prospects is the first point of call for all international visitors and students to the University.

Professor Luqman Adams making a presentation

There was also a presentation on the ranking of the University of Lagos, especially by Times Higher Education (T.H.E,).

Professor Luqman Adams discussed the following in detail:

  • UNILAG’s Score Card at the T.H.E. World University Ranking 2022 edition
  • The T.H.E.’s Assessment of UNILAG’s Strongest & Weakest Pillar
  • The T.H.E.’s Subject Analysis & Ranking of Academic Programmes
  • Global Ranking & Web Presence (Webometrics Ranking)
  • Collation & Submission of Content for the University of Lagos Website
  • Awards for Research Conference
Professor Ayo Atsenuwa delivering closing remarks

In conclusion, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Development Services, Professor Ayo Atsenuwa urged participants to key into the University’s Plan by working together to bring it to fruition. She also highlighted that entrepreneurship development is not tied to promotion but that participants are encouraged to add value to themselves. Prof. Atsenuwa reiterated that moving the University of Lagos forward and making it stand out as the University of first choice and the Nation’s pride is a collective effort.

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