On Tuesday, 6th November 2018, the University of Lagos and the Chinese Investors Association for Development and Promotion signed a Memorandum of Understanding that established the University of Lagos Institute of Nigeria-China Development Studies.

In his opening address, the Vice Chancellor, Professor Oluwatoyin Ogundipe, FAS, expressed delight at the coming to fruition of the idea of the Institute, which he said had been in the works for some time. He established the purpose of the Institute as being a think tank for the generation of ideas for the facilitation of Sino-Nigeria relations; especially as it pertains to ensuring a win-win situation for the citizens of both countries. Mr. Ronnie Liu Changan, President of the Chinese Investors Association for Development and Promotion, extolled the position of the University of Lagos as a citadel of learning of global renown.

He admitted the limited knowledge that Chinese investors in Nigeria have of the local political economy; and thus expressed the confidence that the works that will be churned out of the Institute will greatly contribute to helping them do business in Nigeria the best and mutually beneficial way, while making sure that their activities are always compliant with the laws of the country.

Representatives of the Nigerian and Chinese business communities were present; and so were top executives of the Nigerian media. A cocktail thereafter followed at the close of proceedings.