Another authoritative presentation, in our Inaugural Lecture series, has been made by Professor Victor Chiagozie Ariole with his lecture titled, “Neuro Psycholinguistic Value-Inputs of Cultures in Integration Processes: Francophonie Perspectives” on Wednesday, November 7, 2018.

He explained what he sees as axes, i.e. pre-determined knowledge basics that he met and used as stepping stones for his scholarly enterprise, and the as coordinates, which are products of his setting out to find his own bearing and to make remarkable contribution to knowledge.

He showed the audience how he started out as a critic of translated documents for the consumption of the Francophiles and the Anglophiles operating in French and English, in which most African languages and their renowned authors find expression for wider audience and readership. He explained this as the result of the fact that French and English remain the only two official languages of United Nations predominant in his areas of research.

Professor Ariole’s work then extended to Pragmatics and Discourse Analysis, where the two languages are used for targeted audiences and disciplines for specific effects. They are sourced, internet-wise, as part of inputs for software productions as the models conceived prove. In pragmatics, according to his lecture, every discipline, culture or profession, is programmed in discourse patterns and made available to other people who are not part of such specific groupings. They could use this to understand the operations of other people and make it an integral part of their neuronal disposition, while interacting with such people either in the workplaces, business places or international fora.

He revealed that he has used diverse corpus, of bilingual dimension – French and English – to identify and track integration constraints, and he admits that expressive patterns for integration processes remain continuous work in progress and require constant adjustments of the neuronal disposition of the peoples or cultures or disciplines involved in any integration process, for better value-inputs that make humans more humanistic in their interactions. The Francophonie universe contains such humanistic value-inputs and he intends to continue tracking their integration-prone expressive patterns for harmonious planetary existence.

Pictorial Highlight of the event: