Professor Stephen Adebanjo Oyebade presented a thought-provoking Inaugural Lecture titled: “WE ADMINISTER… IN THEIR BEST INTERESTS” on Wednesday, October 24, 2018.

His presentation revolved around children and how to properly manage them to realise a viable human capital. He explained this extensively using the human capital theory, in which it is established that nations develop in relation to the quality and quantity of teachers, learning, funding and equipment available in the schools.

He averred that due to these cogent reasons, a nation must make provision for the right set of raw materials to adequately equip the children of today for the development of tomorrow.

Having established this line of thought, Prof. Oyebade delved deeply into the state of the ‘modern-day’ classroom, which has fallen short of the term ‘modern’, and focused on how basic education no longer receives primary attention. He examined how the quality of teachers and teaching materials have reduced drastically by the second and mentioned possible causes for these dilemmas.

He posited that the growing trend of education being under-funded, will eventually be the bane of the nation as it will stifle the ability and capacity of institutions of learning to produce young citizens with the right quality of skills appropriate for the economy’s growth and development.

Citing his educational experience as a reference, he proffered that, to attain the level of desired success in the Nigerian youth, parents should cooperate with the teachers and school authorities to monitor school activities.

The seasoned Professor explained the term educational administration and discussed the qualities and roles of administrators. On effective ways to administer students, he developed the Student Conflict-Campus-Peace MODEL.

Some of his recent works and research include:

  • Analysis of Campus Crimes in the University of Lagos: The Legal and Counselling Perspectives;
  • Legal Implications of Dwindling Finances of Higher Educational Institutions in Nigeria;
  • Brain Flow, Brain Gain and Brain Overflow; and
  • An Evaluation of Public Schools in Lagos State: Implications for Quality Assurance in Education.

Pictures of the event include