POIC is Professor Ogundipe Innovative Competition. Named after the current VC of the University of Lagos, it is a competition that’s put together to stimulate scientific breakthrough in the Nigerian community by engaging the minds of  Nigerian students.
POIC 1.0
To give people help while denying them a significant part in the action, contributes nothing to the development of the individual. In the deepest sense it is taking, not giving.
Putting this in consideration, the Faculty of Science decided to host her first edition of POIC- PROFESSOR OGUNDIPE INNOVATIVE CHALLENGE.
The challenge is to engage the learning skills of students. It is common knowledge that the most effective means of learning is by actually taking part. As we all know, practical learning is the best kind of learning.
The purpose of the challenge is to stimulate a scientific breakthrough from students in the university.
Interested participants should apply on the website http://poic.unilag.edu.ng
Applicants are expected to invent something scientific that would solve a problem in Nigeria.
▪The applications should be submitted in a written format to the website for the preliminary stage.
 ▪Applicants that passed the preliminary stage would be contacted for the quarter finals and would have to submit a video presentation of their invention.
▪Applications that scale through the quarter finals into the semi-finals would be required to make a physical presentation with their invention, explaining how it works and how it can help Nigeria tackle a problem.
▪Applications would be judged based on originality and effectiveness.
Applicants can either be an individual, or a Team.
 Mentors would be made available to help applicants harness their idea.
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