On Wednesday, October 3rd, 2018, Professor Oladapo Ashiru (OFR) delivered the 6th Felix Oladejo Dosekun Memorial Lecture of the College of Medicine, University of Lagos at the OId Great Hall of the College.

Professor Ashiru took the excited audience through the concept, the origin, processes and procedures of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART). He defined ART as the manipulation of both male and female gametes to facilitate pregnancy, with In vitro Fertilisation (IVF) as its signpost.

He traced the origin of ART back to 1969 and on to the delivery of the first baby delivered through IVF in 1979, Louise Brown.

Through his collaborative work with Professor O.F Giwa-Osagie, Prof. Ashiru contributed to producing Nigeria and Africa’s first IVF Baby in 1989, Olushina Eghosa Oluwaremilekun.

Did you know that it is dangerous for a woman to drive bare foot?

Prof. Ashiru sensitised the audience about many common practices and conditions to which people are exposed and which, unknown to them, greatly impair their reproductive abilities.

He identified some as:

1. The toxic, polluted environment in which people live

2. The incompatibility of food with body systems

3. Bad Eating Habit, and

4. Poisonous substances like Antimony, found in car brakes and pedals.

He urged everyone in the audience to pay adequate attention to their lifestyle, as it always has implications for their reproductive abilities.

He charged the country’s policymakers to take more than a passing interest in funding education and research. That, he postulated, is the only way the country and its citizens would not continue to be at the receiving end of a vicious global neo-colonial agenda, that seeks to impair Africa’s capacity both to procreate and provide for itself.

Professor Oladapo Ashiru (OFR) is a very successful Anatomist and renowned Human Reproduction specialist.

A student of the late Professor Dosekun, the Guest Lecturer was himself appointed a Professor at age 33, making him the youngest Professor of Medicine in Africa till date.

He is the CEO of the newly established Institute of Reproductive Medicine, Lagos.