Prof. Folasade T. Ogunsola delivered a thought provoking lecture entitled “360 Degrees Leadership” at the September edition of An Hour with the Doyen held today, Thursday, September 28, 2017 at the Senate Chamber.

She debunked several myths about leadership some of which are:
1. The Position Myth: You mustn’t have certain titles before you can lead.
2. Destination Myth: You mustn’t get to the top before you can lead. Some believe this “when I’m a leader, then I’ll figure out how to influence others in a positive way.”
3. Power Myth: It isn’t true that once you are a leader you can do anything such as make and unmake or take your leadership position as a ticket to freedom.
4. It is also a myth that you cannot reach your full potential unless you are the top dog.

These among other myths and practical situations were cited to explain the wide potentials of everyone has of becoming a leader.

To end the lecture, Prof. Ogunsola encouraged the listeners to:

– Lead Up: as a subordinate, life your leader by lightening your leader’s load and not just sucking up to them.
– Lead Down: lead your subordinates rightly by motivating and supporting them to be their best selves and good team members.
– Lead Across: Lead the leaders by creating cooperative competition and helping colleagues win.

An Hour with the Doyen is a monthly practical-sharing session of the Registry/Bursary Departments of the University of Lagos.