The Human Resources Management Department hereby notifies all members of staff of the University to update their records on the HR Platform.

They can upload this information for further processing on the e-platform created for the Human Resources Management Department. This is compulsory for ALL STAFF.

All members of staff are requested to log into this platform

Web address:

Username:               Staff Number (5 digits: if the Staff Number is less than 5 digits, “Zero” should be added as a prefix to make 5 digits.

Password:                Staff surname (lower case)   and upload their data

For enquiries, questions and suggestions, please forward an e-mail to the Deputy Registrar (HRM) via or visit the Human Resources Management Department, 2nd Floor, Senate, UNILAG. Akoka.

Please note that the Department will NOT manually verify any information on Staff for the International School, Staff School, Foundation programmes and Housing Unit after this notification.