The Housing Unit wishes to bring important updates on the conditions governing their residency to the notice of all staff residing on campus.

Management at its meeting held on Monday, February 5, 2018, reversed the period of stay in the quarters after retirement from six months to three months. This is effective from February, 5, 2018.

This notification supersedes the six-month grace period given to retiring staff as contained in the regulations governing the condition of service of staff, chapter VI, Section 10, subsection (a) page 47.

However, occupation of units by the family after the demise of a University staff is still valid for a period of 12 months.

All housing units must be kept in a good state of repair by the allottee. No waste of any form (including domestic waste, old/broken furniture, clothes, etc.) is allowed within and outside the premises.

In a situation where the University has to remove such wastes, the occupants or allottee of the unit or block will pay the cost of such removal.

No modification, improvement, alteration or attachment should be carried out on any unit without the express approval of the University Housing Committee.