The attention of the University Management has been drawn to the rampant incidents of road accidents on our campus. It has also come to the notice of Management that quite a number of students walk the roads of the University in a carefree manner, with both of their ears plugged with earphones, hence losing concentration while walking on the roads.

In view of the above, the University community is hereby reminded that the safety of stakeholders in the University remain the concern and responsibility of all. Therefore, all and sundry are advised to adhere to safety and precautionary measures to prevent avoidable road accidents which could lead to loss of lives.

In order to prevent future occurrence of accidents on our roads, students, staff and members of the University community are hereby required to adhere strictly to the following:

  1. Drive at the stipulated speed limit of 30km/h within the University campus.
  2. Pay full attention on the road when driving.
  3. Pay full attention when crossing the road.
  4. Desist from focusing on mobile phones when driving, crossing or walking on the road.
  5. Ensure your ears are not plugged with earphones when walking on the road.
  6. Desist from walking on the major roads and adopt the practice of making use of the sidewalks.
  7. Walk briskly when using the Zebra crossing.