The Management of the University of Lagos (Akoka) Staff Co-operative Multi-Purpose Society Limited wishes to reiterate that its Phase IIl Housing Estate at Laaga Village, Ikorodu, acquired for immediate development by beneficiaries since 2008 has NO perimeter fence and that this has exposed the Housing Estate to avoidable incessant encroachments.

Till date, the Management of the Society has expended a lot to protect the Housing Estate and cannot continue to expend the Society’s funds to secure the Estate any longer.

Beneficiaries of the Phase II Housing Estate are hereby NOTIFIED to assist themselves and the Society by taking IMMEDIATE physical possession of their plots, pay agreed outstanding fees to the purse of the Society and obtain FINAL CLEARANCE from the Society.

This NOTICE has become necessary in the interest of ALL parties as the Society will henceforth NOT take responsibility for any report of encroachment occasioned by negligence and reckless abandonment by beneficiaries since year 2008.

This is in addition to the announcement made at the last AGM held on November 22, 2018.