Your Email and Calendar have been Migrated to Google Apps

University of Lagos is has switched her email and calendar systems from Zimbra to Google Apps. With Google Apps, we will gain the benefits of 100% web-based messaging and collaboration tools, as well as lower infrastructure and support costs.

We request all member of staff to login to their new Google account which has been activated and ready for use for all official communication since 2nd February, 2016.

What You will Need to Do

  • Type in your password – Contact CITS for your password
  • Change your password and begin its use for all your email correspondence and calendar scheduling.

Depending on how you currently use your current system, you might also need to complete the following tasks:

●      Create your email signature.

●      Set up your mobile device and synchronize your data (if applicable).

If You Have Questions

[Call Ext 1940 or 1943,, or Visit room 205, CITS]