The National Pension Commission has scheduled the 2018 Pre-Retirement Verification and Enrolment Exercise for Monday, August 6 – Wednesday, August 8, 2018 at the Jelili Adebisi Omotola Hall C, UNILAG.

The exercise will cover staff of the University:

  1. That are due to retire between January 2019 and December 2019 by virtue of attaining 65 years of age, and 70 years of age for Professors.
  2. Staff of the University who had retired voluntarily/mandatorily/disengaged or had their appointment terminated but are yet to be enrolled by the Commission.
  3. Participants would be physically enrolled by the Commission during the exercise; and
  4. Participants would be required to present the ORIGINAL of documents listed on BELOW for sighting, and photocopies of same (on A4 paper) would be submitted to the Commission during the exercise.

Pre-Retirement Verification and Enrolment Exercise Verification Check List

  1. Original and photocopy of Letter of First Appointment
  2. Original and photocopy of Transfer and Acceptance of Service (Where applicable)
  3. Original and photocopy of Letter of Confirmation of Appointment
  4. Original and photocopy of Birth Certificate or Declaration of Age
  5. Original and photocopy of ALL Promotions obtained from 2004 to date
  6. Original and photocopy of Pay slips for: June 2004, July 2007, July 2010, December 2013 and December 2016
  7. Original and photocopy of current Pay Slip (July 2018)
  8. Original and photocopy of Staff Identity Card
  9. Evidence of registration with a Pension Fund Administrator (PFA) indicating Retirement Savings Account (RSA) Personal Identification Number (PIN)e. PEN123456789012
  10. One Recent Passport Photograph
  11. Original and photocopy of Letter/Evidence of Retirement (Applicable to those who have retired Mandatorily/Voluntarily/Disengaged/Termination and yet to enroll with the Commission)
  12. *Letter of Indemnity from the University Stating None Payment of Retirement Benefits (Applicable to those who retired before 2009)
  13. *Authenticated past Record of Service.
  14. *Letter of Introduction from the University signifying retirement date, first appointment date, grade level and step as at June 2004, January 2007, July 2010, December 2013 as well as the current grade level and step.


ITEMS 12, 13, 14 shall be provided by Pension, Retirement & Entrepreneurial Advisory Unit.