The APER Forms for non-teaching staff (Junior) are now ready for downloading by logging on to to download the related link under Staff Login (read more). The form is to be completed by All Junior members of Staff, whether recommended for promotion/confirmation/annual increment or not.  Departmental Heads are urged to kindly ensure proper completion of the Appraisal Forms.

Heads of Departments are advised to be consistent in their evaluation and their comments should reflect the relative contribution of each member of staff to the overall objectives of the respective departments.  The detailed report must cover punctuality, job performance, character of the staff being reported, etc. (Please note that any appraisal form where the Head of Department/Unit fails to make specific and clear comments to support his or her recommendation in respect of any member of staff will be rejected.   Also, note that this End of Year Aper Form carries 60% of the Total Marks in addition to the Mid-Stream Aper Form of 40%).

Heads of Departments are reminded to institute a DEPARTMENTAL PROMOTIONS COMMITTEE.  It is expected that minutes of the Departmental Promotion Committee meeting should be attached.  Scrutinize the forms of all staff in the department before the final recommendations are forwarded to the Junior Staff Unit for Junior Staff.  This procedure will help minimize cases of oversight, inadequate information on salary, qualification, etc.

Kindly bring to the notice of staff in your Department that there will be penalty for misinformation and distortion of facts presented to the Human Resource Management Department (HRMD).  Degrees and certificates IN VIEW should NOT be included.

The Junior Staff Unit will thereafter collate the recommendations as forwarded by the Departmental Promotions Committees and supported by the Dean or Head of Department/Unit or Chairman of the Management Board, for the consideration of the Junior Staff Appointments and Promotions Committee.

Recommendations for promotion must be justified based on one or more of the following reasons:

  1. Reward for outstanding staff who have made substantial contribution towards achievement of the objectives of their respective Departments or the University as a whole;
  2. Increased responsibility arising from either the growth of the Department or unforeseen circumstances or both;
  3. Expanded schedule of duties;
  4. Acquisition of a higher qualification where this affects grading.

The following guidelines should be observed when recommendations for promotions and confirmations of appointments are made:

  • Recommendations for promotions should be based on the assessment of candidates’ overall performance within the last three consecutive reporting years and should reflect contribution of candidates to the objectives of the Faculty, Department/Units and University of Lagos.
  • Staff on permanent appointment, whose appointment have NOT been confirmed are NOT eligible for promotion.
  • A member of staff on temporary appointment should NOT be recommended for promotion until such appointment is regularized.
  • Where appropriate, the qualifications and experience stipulated in the Career Structure, should be considered in recommendations to appropriate posts.
  • The baseline for confirmation is two (2) calendar years
  • The baseline for promotion (without the skipping of salary scale) is Three (3) years i.e. 1st October, 2015. Where promotion involves the skipping of salary scales, the baseline is four (4) years i.e. 1st October 2014.

The given baseline is the guideline for eligibility of staff only and not an indication that recommendation for promotion/confirmation MUST be made.

  • APER FORM of any member of staff who has not worked for more than six months in a Unit should be referred to the staff’s previous place of work for proper assessment (where applicable).

After completion, the form should be returned to the Senior Assistant Registrar (Junior Staff Unit) in three (3) batches as follows:

  • Those recommended for annual increment only.
  • Those recommended for promotion (2 copies of APER Forms and 2 copies of the attached Promotion Format).
  • Those recommended for confirmation (2 copies of APER Forms and 2 copies of the Confirmation Format).

 The Appraisal Forms with 2 copies of the three years assessment format of recommendations should be processed and forwarded together with photocopies of credentials and last letter of promotion/appointment for those recommended for promotion.

Completed APER FORM (copy in MS word format soft and hard copies) should reach the Junior Staff Unit, 2nd Floor, Senate House, not later than Friday June 29, 2018.  The soft copy can be in CD or forwarded to

Any claim(s) with regards to possession of qualifications and experience should be scrutinized and attested to by each Head of Department.

Please note:

  • It is important to emphasize again that all completed Appraisal Forms in respect of all staff in each Department must be forwarded en-block with photocopies of relevant documents and credentials as soon as possible but not later than Friday June 29, 2018.
  • Each staff should correctly and properly complete his/her own sections of the APER FORM.
  • Each Dean/Head of Department should peruse carefully the APER Forms duly filed by his/her staff, and ensure that the staff’s sections are properly and correctly completed