Academic Planning Unit

The Academic Planning Unit is a unit under the Office of the Vice Chancellor. The Office is currently located on the 7th floor of the Senate House. Academic Planning Unit is regarded as the hub of the University with four of the major standing Committees of Senate and Council of the University namely: Academic Planning Committee, Development Committee, Central Research Committee, and Council Committee on Accreditation. In addition to the above named committees are the following Sub-Committees: UNILAG Journal of Humanities (UJH) & UNILAG Journal of Medicine, Science and Technology (UJMST) Editorial Boards, Research Monitoring and Conference Planning Committee. The Unit generates, analyses and disseminates University statistics.

The Unit is headed by a Professor as the Director of Academic Planning and he is being assisted by a Deputy Director and a Deputy Registrar. Other members of staff of the Unit include three Registry Staff; an executive cadre staff; three secretarial cadre staff and three junior staff.

The Academic Planning Unit functions mainly by way of Committees and Sub-Committees, as highlighted below:

The Development Committee (DC) chaired by the Vice Chancellor, is responsible for consideration of financial implications of establishing new Units or Departments, fixing of tuition fees for new programmes, establishment positions for Academic Departments among others.

The Academic Planning Committee (APC) chaired by the Vice Chancellor, attends to issues on establishment of New Programmes/Units; review of programme curriculum, and other academic related matters.

The Council Committee on Accreditation chaired by Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academics & Research) has the mandate of the Council to ensure that all Academic Programmes of the University secure Full Accreditation for all NUC and Professional programmes.

The Committee chaired by Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academics & Research) awards and monitors research grants; organises annual Research Conference and Fair and processes production of University-wide journals- UNILAG Journal of Humanities (UJH) and UNILAG Journal of Medicine, Science and Technology (UJMST).

The Academic Planning Unit also engages in publications. These include: