The Division is headed by a Dean.  He is available to attend to students on diverse issues on daily basis for 24 hours (weekend inclusive).  He is assisted by two Sub-Deans, Deputy Dean I and Deputy Dean II, Deputy Registrar (for counselling matters) and a Principal Assistant Registrar and a team of dedicated and hardworking non-teaching staff.

The Division is divided into the following five units:

  1. National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Unit
  2. Accommodations/ Hostel Management Unit
  3. Student activities
  4. Scholarships, bursaries and endowment Unit
  5. Counselling Unit


  1. Student Activities: The unit coordinates student’s activities, elections, training and coordination of student leaders, price monitoring / control of goods and services, organizes University debate tournaments as well as statutory meetings with student leaders.  It ensures that corporate organizations and students associations, clubs and societies conform to the approved standard of the University before registration and activation of activities and programmes.  The unit is responsible for writing reference letters to Embassies and Corporate Bodies on behalf of the students.
  2. Accommodation and Hostel Management Unit: This unit monitors student’s welfare and social events in the halls of residence.  It allocates accommodation to students and ensures proper maintenance of hostels.  The list of Halls are:  Queen Amina, Biobaku, Eni-Njoku, Erastus Akingbola, Henry Carr, Honours, King Jaja, Fagunwa Kofo Ademola, Madam Tinubu, Makama Bida, Mariere, Moremi, Sodeinde (undergraduate), Sodeinde (Postgraduate), Kwaku Adadevoh.
  3. National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Unit: The unit mobilizes all graduates (both full time and part time) of the University every year in three batches; A, B, C,.  The procedure for mobilization is as follows:

Senate considers and approves results of all graduates

The approved results are compiled by the Records office of the University and same is forwarded to the Students Affairs Division in its raw form.

Student Affairs Division forward the result to CITS for inclusion of essential data of the graduates that were not in the result sent by Records Office which includes date of birth, state of origin, gender, marital status, JAMB registration number, GSM number. These essential data are necessary because it conforms with the NYSC platform for data entry.

The result having the name, matriculation number, Course of Study, date of graduation, date of birth, state of origin, gender, marital status, JAM registration number and GSM number  are used as a source of data entry into the NYSC portal for a particular batch of mobilization.

After data entry, copies of the processed list of mobilized graduates are printed and verified to ensure correctness with result from Records Office and the data provided by CITS.

Verified information of each graduate are then uploaded on the NYSC portal based on the specified dates given by NYSC authorities.

Having completed the uploading exercise, the Registrar is informed in order to vet the uploaded list and approve before printing the uploaded list.

If approved, the list is printed, binded and transmitted to NYSC directorate Headquarters, Abuja.

Having received the hard copies of the submitted list, NYSC authorities release the senate list online for the vetting of the graduates and online registration.

Having registered, graduates usually referred to as Prospective Corps Members (PCMs) are either deployed for service or service processed for exemption of service depending on age. While graduates of part time programme are processed for collection of letters of Exclusion.

4. Scholarships Bursaries and Endowment Unit: This unit ensures that qualified students benefit from scholarships, Bursaries, Awards and Endowments.  Scholarship and Bursary awards are usually funded by Federal and State governments as well as oil and multinational companies.

5. Counselling Unit: It is responsible for the mental health issues of students and staff.  It deals with social, personal, emotional, academic and other issues.  It is new arrow head for the fight against drug misuse and abuse; it also provides support for indigent students as well as organizes orientation programme for new students, career week for final year students, among others.  Counselling unit is also in charge of Work Study Programme.  A scheme designed to help studetns reduce the burden of financing their  education.  The programme enable students to work on part – time basis and earn money in the process to augment their finances.

The unit can be reached through the Dean Students Affairs.