What in the world is Biochemistry?

Biochemistry simply put is the science of life. It is the study of the chemical reactions and processes taking place in cellular organisms and the resultant symbiotic effects with the environment.

Biochemistry cuts across various disciplines and its applications are as diverse as its topics. Needless to say, every arm of Science and the Medical Sciences is greatly or minutely intertwined with Biochemistry. An understanding of Biochemistry is required for accurate explanations of the basic function of humans and biological life processes.

For instance, the energy considerations of your nutritional diet can only be explained by the metabolic processes that take place in certain cellular compartments in the human body. These processes regulated by specific enzymes give rise to a standard amount of energy, biochemically known as ATP, required to power the various life processes in the body. A failure or aberration in any one of these processes can give rise to life-threatening disorders with diverse clinical manifestations, often related to changes in the genetic make-up of the organism.

With the advent of biotechnology, it is clear that our students trained in our well-equipped Biochemistry and Molecular Biology laboratories  will be at the cutting edge of Science and Technology research, with profound contributions made to almost every field of endeavor, be it the health sector, food, nutritional, oil, pharmaceutical or chemical industries.