Chemical engineering involves the application of physics, chemistry, biochemistry, and mathematics leading to the conversion of raw materials into essential products, such as plastic parts for automobiles, biomaterials, therapeutic proteins and other drugs, processed foods, computer chips, paints, fibres, semiconductors, adhesives, biopolymers, specialized fuels, solar cells, and ceramics. The chemical engineer continues where the chemist stops taking laboratory results or conceptual ideas and turning them into value added products in a cost effective, safe and environmentally friendly manner. A chemical engineer’s skills and training find application in pollution control, artificial kidney production, oil refining and many more.


The Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Lagos has the objective “to produce graduates with relevant knowledge and skills to operate and to develop the private sector and the public service, to initiate and carry out engineering designs, to engage in industrial management and to pursue research and development activities”.


To develop and provide engineering education geared towards the achievement of national goals and objectives of industrialization and self reliance