The Department of Restorative Dentistry was established with the inception, in September 1966, of the School of Dental Sciences by Late Professor John Fox-Taylor. The School has become the Faculty of Dental Sciences since 2009 in the College of Medicine, University of Lagos.

The department offers training to Dental students from 400Level to 600 Level in Junior, intermediate and senior courses in Prosthetic Dentistry, Conservative Dentistry and Science of Dental Materials. The department also participates in the training of Postgraduate Resident Dentists preparing for the Fellowship in Dental Surgery of the National Postgraduate Medical College of Nigeria and West African College of Surgeons. Research is undertaken in many aspects of Dentistry in the various units of the department.

The first Head of Restorative Dentistry Department was Late Professor E. N. Henshaw. Overseas teachers on short term appointment from America, Canada, New Zealand and United Kingdom were also recruited to contribute to the teaching of Conservative Dentistry and Prosthodontics.

Professor Henshaw was later joined by Professor E. S. Akpata in the Department of Restorative Dentistry after his return from overseas postgraduate training.

The first set of Dentists graduated from the Lagos University School of Dental Sciences in 1971.

After 1971, more teaching staff were recruited into the department.  Dr. H.E.A. Okpo, Dr. A. T. Idowu, Late Dr. I.E.E. Bassey and Dr. O. P. Shaba joined the Department of Restorative Dentistry in the 70’s.

The department consists of two major academic units and several sub-specialties.

  1. Conservative Dentistry unit which comprise Preclinical Operative Techniques Advanced Operative Techniques, Conservations, Endodontics, Science of Dental Materials and Aesthetic Dentistry.
  2. Prosthetic Dentistry Unit which comprise of Preclinical Prosthetic techniques, Partial and Complete Denture techniques and Advanced Prosthodontics.

As the department trained more fellows and consultants, the staff strength increased as they were recruited into the department. Prof. P. A. Akeredolu was recruited in December 1998, Dr. D. C. Umesi in December 2000 but assumed duties in March 2001, Dr. I. C. Adegbulugbe in October 2001 and, Dr. O. A. Oremosu, Dr. O. H. Oderinu, Dr. Y. O. Ajayi in October 2005. Dr O. A. Ijarogbe and Dr. B. O. Akinboboye March, 2012. The department currently has eight lecturers, comprised of five lecturers in the Conservation unit and three lecturers in the Prosthetics Unit.