The Department of Haematology& Blood Transfusion of the College is entrenched in a rich tradition of excellence built upon the legacies of leaders that laid a firm foundation over the years. We are proud of this tradition and it is our goal today to further that reputation by remaining on the cutting edge of new developments in medical education, scientific and clinical research andclinical care.

The Department is strategized to focusing our developmental efforts and resources on the three mandates: teaching, biomedical research and clinical service.
The educational mandate of the Department continues to be the training of the future leaders in academic medicine. This we aim to achieve by continuously adapting our undergraduate and postgraduate teaching methods to meet all laid down standards both locally and internationally.

The department encourages world class research and recognizes the limitations present in this environment towards achieving this. We thus encourage the use of local content which meet international standards towards achieving our goals of contributing significantly to the body of medical knowledge. The department is involved in various research activities which include Sickle Cell Anaemia, Inherited Haemorrhagic and Thrombotic Disorders, Anaemias, Leukaemias and Lymphomas.

The department has six faculty members and competent administrative and laboratory staff who work assiduously to ensure that the departmental obligations are delivered.
The department has a well-recognized presence at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital where over 10,000 patients are seen in outpatient clinics each year.
We invite you to learn more about our Department’s clinical activities, research and training programs, and our faculty members by exploring this web site. We appreciate your interest and encourage you to contact us for further information.