The Department of Physiology teaches basic and applied human Physiology through lectures, seminar, practical classes and clinico-physiological conferences to students. The undergraduate student population number is about 500 in each session for the professional degree courses in Medicine, Dentisty Physiotherapy and Pharmacyas well as B.Sc. (Hons.) degree courses Physiology, Pharmacology and Radiography.

To achieve adequate exposure to problems in Physiology and adequate contact with members of staff particularly for practical and seminar sessions, the class is divided into two major groups A and B. Each group is further sub-divided into ten sub-groups of students. There are two practicals and seminar classes a week i.e. on Mondays and Thursdays for groups A and B respectively. In addition, the Department runs Postgraduate programmes in Physiology for M.Sc, M.Phil and Ph.D students.

The Department of Physiology runs courses for: i. The Residency Programme of the National Postgraduate Medical College. ii. The Residency programme of the West African Postgraduate Medical College iii. The institute of Medical Laboratory Technology part IIA iv. Institute of Science Laboratory Technology v. Diploma Programme for Nurse Tutors vi. Student Nurses and vii. Biomedical Engineering Students.

The Department also collaborates with other Departments in research work and provides expertise as Clinical Physiologists for Lagos University Teaching Hospital.