I warmly welcome you to the Faculty of Arts, the intellectual lighthouse of the University of Lagos and one of the leading faculties of Arts in Africa.

What is now known as the Faculty of Arts, University of Lagos started in 1964 as the School of Humanities. However, in 1975, it was merged with the then School of African and Asian Studies and re-designated Faculty of Arts. Presently, this Faculty comprises six Departments: Linguistics, African and Asian Studies, Creative Arts, English, History and Strategic Studies, European Languages, and Philosophy. Besides the award of graduate and post graduate degrees in disciplines in these Departments, the Faculty, in 2013, introduced a Bachelor of Arts (B. A.) Chinese programme in the Department of Linguistics, African and Asian Studies. This is to enrich and broaden the cultural content of departmental curricula and achieve its aim of cross-cultural global outreach.

Since its establishment, the Faculty of Arts has maintained a tradition of excellence passed on by renowned men of ideas and letters in the English-speaking world.

With its array of illustrious faculty and alumni that span a wide range of human endeavours from politics to the movie industry, media to commerce and industry, amongst others, the Faculty of Arts, I dare say, is a place where the searcher never gets lost. Here opportunities are created, potentials are actualized and dreams realized.

Once again, welcome, and enjoy your stay.

Muyiwa Falaiye, Ph.D.
Professor of Philosophy
Dean of Arts